Véronik Frossard DeRose
Swiss Artist
Version française
Blue Note, 17 x 24 cm, watercolor
For further information or to place an order, contact me at the address or phone number below, or just send an email.
Véronik was born in Saint-Maurice in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Self taught, at the age of 20 she already
produced books of comic strips with publishers in Paris and Switzerland, including 3 issues of her work with the
company Glénat. She has also created illiutrations for advertisements, posters, and childrens' fairy tales for the
francophone media and publishing industry. These publications have been translated into several languages. In
addition, she has been invited to different comic strip shows and festivals in Switzerland and abroad. Since
1993, she has dedicated herself to painting and her work has been featured in multiple group and individual
exhibits. In 2014 her autobiography "Autoportrait" was published.
Design: With her rich experience since 1977 and assisted by several professionals, it will be a pleasure for Véronik to help you complete your projects - be it
publicity, visual communication or graphical concepts.
Exhibits: There is a permanent exhibit at Véronik's studio-gallery. Her studio is located in Staad SG, close to Rorschach. More information concerning
directions to Staad.
If you would like to know more about Véronik's artwork, visit the permanent exhibit or even place an order, you can reach Véronik as follows:
Véronik Frossard DeRose
Schoenenbach 4
CH-9422 Staad SG
Phone +41 44 932 1023
Mobile phone +41 78 711 4974
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A larger selection of Véronik's paintings is also available.
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